Investigation Research & Analysis


At b4Secure, we work with our clients to support numerous different enquiries including cases of fraud, bribery, corruption and other forms of corporate malfeasance. Our team are skilled in multi-million pound fraud and corruption cases. We either use our own legal team or work under the direction of client’s legal advisors to assist in developing agreed investigative strategies and to obtain evidence.
We will support both prosecution and defence of all crime types and assist in research and jury presentation.
Our team are experienced in exhibiting and presenting in courts if this is required.

Research & Analysis

Our team is highly skilled in all aspects of research and analysis. Our staff work with you to address your needs and tailor our products accordingly. We use recognised structured analytical techniques including human and open-source intelligence. We utilise innovative and established software to analyse and present your findings such as i2.
We will look at the whole picture, identify information gaps, glean the facts, and give you recommendations enabling you to make informed decisions. 
Our team has decades of experience working within law enforcement as well as the corporate sector.
We have a fundamental understanding of the law, legal process, and the rules of evidence. All our products are produced to evidential standard ensuring litigation procedures are not compromised.
Our products have aided FTSE companies in identifying multi million pound losses, vulnerabilities of High Net Worth Individuals, due diligence checks for HR departments, fraudulent activities for employment tribunals, insurance fraud and complex investigations.

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