Intelligence Services

At b4Secure we work on a bespoke basis with our clients to meet their requirements and importantly their budgets. Clients are varied and include Local Partnership Groups, Construction, Accountancy, Law, and Financial companies as well as Charities at both SME and FTSE 100 level.  Our enhanced products incorporate data/intelligence collection, analysis and assessment that assist clients in their decision and policy making. Our products and services are used by our clients for a range of requirements including:

  • crime/social problem profiles,
  • security/patrol officer briefings,
  • due diligence checks,
  • investigations,
  • community crime/social briefings,
  • community and crime impact profiles,
  • bespoke threat briefings,
  • regular intelligence updates and briefings,
  • misconduct process,
  • threat/risk assessments and
  • court/jury presentation or presentations/briefings to boards, managers or staff.

Our intelligence capability building service is suitable for any organisation that receives or wants to receive, intelligence feeds and would like to introduce or enhance intelligence management and dissemination/briefing processes. Building this capability will enable a more pro-active approach to threat management, ensure stakeholders are identified and kept informed of the current intelligence landscape, and facilitate intelligence led decision making at both a tactical and strategic level.

Below highlights a few services in more depth but please see our case study page as well.

Intelligence Management

At b4Secure we know that carefully managed intelligence adds tremendous value to any investigative or security service. Our intelligence management service is bespoke, delivering client’s individual requirements and developed to fully integrate with existing processes. b4Secure intelligence management can include the following services:

– Lead a particular project/investigation; managing all intelligence and evidence to meet aims and objectives.
– Identify sources and stakeholders and negotiate intelligence sharing protocols.
– Develop an investigation strategy and / or an intelligence requirement detailing gaps.
– Identify intelligence and analysis products required by stakeholders and clients.
– Ensure intelligence gathering and retention meets required evidence standards, regulatory and legislative requirements.
– Design and implement structures and processes to collate, record, evaluate, prioritise, research and analyse intelligence.
– Task intelligence sources to address intelligence gaps.
– Develop and implement process to sanitise intelligence in order to protect intelligence sources.
– Develop and implement dissemination process for intelligence reports and products – including fast time dissemination.
– Develop regular briefings relevant to specific audience(s) i.e. operational staff, management, board level.
– Seek regular feedback from stakeholders and clients to ensure products remain relevant and continue to meet agreed objectives.

Intelligence Analysis

At b4Secure we undertake analysis of all covert and open source intelligence feeds to support our client’s aims and objectives. We work with our clients and complete analysis that conveys a full understanding of the intelligence picture, utilising structured analytical techniques (SATs) to draw inferences, prioritise leads, and make recommendations for further action. We produce a number of analytical products including association charts, timelines, and commodity and communication flowcharts using specialist analytical software, all tailored to meet our client’s specific business and requirements.

Intelligence Capability Development

b4Secure assists clients to develop their own intelligence structure to meet bespoke intelligence management requirements. Our service is fully scalable, ranging from a basic structure to manage intelligence received from external intelligence providers, through to a full bespoke internal intelligence management unit incorporating the processes and roles required for all stages of the intelligence cycle – as detailed below:

– Planning and Direction: Identify intelligence gaps and requirements based on client’s business strategy, stakeholders, risk profile and horizon scanning.
– Collection: Identify and secure sources (internal and external) to meet requirements.
– Processing: Design and implement structures and processes to collate, record, evaluate, prioritise, and undertake further research to develop intelligence.
РAnalysis: Add value and meaning to intelligence by completing SATs and provide informative assessments to assist decision making.
– Dissemination: Develop a dissemination process for intelligence products, including – fast time dissemination. This will include development of a briefing structure, agreeing frequency required and most appropriate format for all relevant audience(s) i.e. clients, operational staff, management and board level.
– Feedback and Evaluation: Obtain feedback from stakeholders and ensure processes evolve with changing requirements and risk profile.

Crime and Community Impact Profile

At b4Secure we have years of experience in producing intelligence led profiles of specific crime types and crime and security issues that impact upon local communities. We analyse a range of information sources in order to develop a profile which explores all potential crime, disorder and cultural impacts of a specific public/private space or project such as a construction site or major event. This assists clients in identifying priority threats/risk and the community impact based on variables such as workforce, resources, commodities in use, community demographic, and staff awareness. The completed profile will incorporate analytical products including trends, series and patterns and bespoke recommendations in order to minimise crime and security threats, reduce security costs and enhance stakeholder reputation. This all assists in ensuring our client’s business is delivered in line with local community values.