Case Studies

Public Order and Protest: Intelligence and Operational Briefings

During a recent protest that threatened severe disrutpion, our company provided capability and threat assessments of those involved for businesses and corporate institutions with high-value assets in the heart of London.

b4Secure utilised Structured Analytic Techniques and data visualisation tools and assessed the credibility and reliability of the information being circulated on social media in order to distinguish “fake news” from real intelligence. Our company also collaborated with the Metropolitan and City of London Police, expanding our analysis. We prepared and delivered operational briefings to the client’s security personnel. During the event b4secure delivered surveillance and continuous intelligence briefings to the clients, carrying out non-stop protection. The result: our clients and their high-value assets remained secure, offering us further collaboration.

Court Presentation and Client Briefings

FTSE 250 Company – required intelligence and analysis support in order to present a complex million pound fraud to a Jury and other members of the legal team.

b4Secure analysts turned complex flows of financial data into easy to understand visual charts.

Our anlaysts completed further research (all evdience captured electronically was captured and stored to required standards and exhibited) and utilised exsisting exhibits in order to ensure providence to the visual presentation. All the presentational products were exhibited by our analysts and were admissible in court with b4Secure analysts attending court to present them where required. We use recognised software and techniques that continue to have an excellent track record within the justice system these include i.2 Analyst Notebook charts to simplify hundreds of pages of numerical data into easy to understand visual representations.

Displaying Fraud Suspects wealth to Jury

Rather than purely displaying amounts of money that had been going into and out of the subjects’ accounts we were able to translate what this wealth actually looked like. Our analysts worked with the legal team and submitted an exhibited ‘lifestyle package’. This included pictures of properties, cars, jewellery and other valuable items that would be out of reach for the average member of public. This clearly presented in lay-terms, the wealth that had been accumulated by the individual and was impactive on those briefed. These were also exhibited with b4Secure analysts on hand to attend court if required.

Investigations Support and Development of Intelligence Unit

Large PLC Investigations Team – Required intelligence research/development and analysis for their ongoing investigations.

b4Secure developed a criminal intelligence unit with bespoke approaches to the improvement of the intelligence capabilities of the corporation. b4Secure established practical implementation and demonstrated compliance of National Intelligence Model principles in production and presentation of all intelligence products in fraud investigations undertaken by the company.

In combination with effective management of intelligence products utilizing a vast range of research/processing methods and tools, b4Secure assisted in investigations of multi-million-pound frauds and organized crime networks applying Structured Analytical Techniques (SATs); prioritization of leads; association charts (i.2 Analyst Notebook); timelines; and research.

Helping companies reach their potential- Due Diligence

b4Secure has been asked to deliver due diligence investigations for different clients numerous times. A new SME client was contemplating hiring a highly skilled individual from a a non-UK/EU country.

Due to the high risk and cost of this, our company assessed the cultural and professional background of the individual and utilised social media and Open Source Intelligence offering a deeper analysis of the person’s profile. After assessing the intelligence in comparison to the client’s business objectives and environment, our company assisted the client in making an informed, non-biased decision. The individual is now a high-performing member of this client’s small team

Not for profit Project: Gathering Intelligence on Organised Crime and fighting Human Trafficking

In 2018, our company understood how the fight against Organised Crime and Human Trafficking is suffering. There is a great need for high level intelligence research and analysis. b4secure realised what a beneficial tool an intelligence-led approach could be as well as the knowledge, expertise and experience we carry. Thus, we began a not for profit initiative partnering with STOP THE TRAFFIK in the UK and The Pinion Project in South Africa. We have also implemented an Internship Programme working with fantastic graduates from Brunel and other Universities. We are now completing in-depth intelligence collection and anlaysis of human trafficking in two African Countries.